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SO GOOD is a natural energy drink that is committed to minimising its environmental footprint as a company.


Digital Designer
| Graphic Designer | Product Designer




Figma | Illustrator |
After Effects


Juna Jakobsson

The internet currently produces approximately 3.8% of global carbon emissions which is ever rising with our appetite to consume more data.


Create an environmentally friendly site that doesn't compromise on aesthetics.



A clean and fun website that gives a feeling of SO GOOD's energy drink. Illustrations that can take up space and give the product a good taste for the eye.


A simple website that puts the environment first. Instead of lots of images and videos that make the website heavy, replace it with SVG illustrations and Lottiefile animation or even pure code.

Multiple typefaces and font weights can add up quickly, increasing energy use and causing slow performance.
I used only one custom font to display the brand of the company, for the rest of the website I used system fonts that are already on people's devices.

Darker colors require less energy to illuminate. Dark mode is an alternative for the user to choose a low-energy way to surf the site.

I've learned about how to create an environmentally friendly web design. It has made me design differently, instead of overloading the user with animations and images, I now seek to be more efficient with my designs.

What I learned

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