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Smoove is a new vehicle about to launch. A futuristic and modern model that wants to dominate the industry. The goal is to become one of the world's most innovative companies.


Digital Designer
| Graphic Designer


Figma | Illustrator


Maja Hedlund,
Rasmus Nyström,
Bedirhan Koyuncu


Agnes Skönvall,
Emma Ramstedt


Juna Jakobsson,
Linnea Kvammen

Smoove is new to the market and without a brand. It wants to impress and get people interested.
The landing page should has the purpose of collecting email addresses and to show off their new vehicle.


Create a modern and futuristic design that gets people interested. Find the best way to get people to give out their emails. Design with the images in mind.



To maximise subscriptions to our newsletter, we did an external analysis where we looked at how other companies did. We also interviewed people to learn how we can optimise our newsletter funnel.
Based on the answers we received, we learned that people are reluctant to give out their email unless they received some kind of benefit and that we will not misuse it.


We wanted to create a brand that was exciting, and futuristic. That makes the user keep scrolling.
The logo is inspired by the wheel of the vehicle.


The design is bold and modern with a strong personality.
We capture the user with several CTA buttons over the landing page and entice the user to sign up. We build trust with the user through our testimonials.

In this project, I've learned how to work in a larger team and that communication is the key to all good collaboration. How design can guide the user and the value of interviewing the target audience.

What I learned

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